Preschool and Baby

3 Reasons to choose PlanToys for kids!

We are passionate about child safety

We pay close attention to the safety standards of our production process.
All of our materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly so parents can let their children play without a worry.

We help children develop

Every parent wants to see their child successfully grow and develop.
We believe that creative and educational play can help them do this!
By playing with our educational toys, children learn and evolve in a variety of ways.

We care about the environment

We believe that a quality environment will give rise to quality individuals.
At PlanToys, we use water-based colors that are chemical free, E-Zero glue that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, and we maximize resource utilization by using leftover sawdust to create a new sustainable material called PlanWood™.

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Green Dollhouse with Furniture

SKU: 7156
Original price was: 260.00€.Current price is: 234.00€.
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Curve Blocks

SKU: 5382
Original price was: 25.00€.Current price is: 22.50€.
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Build N Spin

SKU: 5537
Original price was: 50.00€.Current price is: 45.00€.
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Hollow Blocks

SKU: 5509
Original price was: 45.00€.Current price is: 40.50€.
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Foldable Rocking Horse

SKU: 3500
Original price was: 160.00€.Current price is: 144.00€.
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Laundry Set

SKU: 1619
Original price was: 15.00€.Current price is: 13.50€.
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Pull-Along Snail

SKU: 5684
Original price was: 28.00€.Current price is: 25.20€.
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Animal Sorting Set

SKU: 1561
Original price was: 80.00€.Current price is: 72.00€.
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Weightlifting Acrobat

SKU: 5366
Original price was: 15.00€.Current price is: 13.50€.
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SKU: 1615
Original price was: 35.00€.Current price is: 31.50€.
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Triangle Matching Puzzle

SKU: 5389
Original price was: 22.00€.Current price is: 19.80€.
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Racing Car

SKU: 3445
Original price was: 260.00€.Current price is: 180.00€.
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